DISH Network Satellite TV assessment

Published: 16th October 2009
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DISH Network assessment

DISH set of contacts was launched in 1996 by a company called EchoStar.

DISH set of contacts is now the fastest-growing satellite television company in the nation, with more than 14 million customers, and is additionally ranked at the top in vogue customer satisfaction amongst all cable and satellite television companies.

What does DISH Network have to offer for its programming?

DISH Network offers over 360 channels of satellite TV programming, including 120 HD or high definition channels to choose from.

Their Bronze 100 package, which is their standard package, has 100 channels for $19.99 a month for the first 12 months. Their most popular package, the Classic Gold 250 package, has more than 250 channels for $42.99 a month. And their top-of-the-line America's Everything Pak has 365 program channels for $82.99 a month for the first 12 months.

DISH Network also offers pay-per-view programming, more than 120 HD channels, adult channels, and sports packages.

With DISH Network you'll notice that they include the most movies, shows, game channels, and international channels.

What kind of equipment will you need with DISH Network?

The equipment you need to receive DISH Network's television programming - a satellite dish, satellite television receivers, and remote controls - all of which are free of charge when you sign up for one of DISH Network's program packages. Installation of the DISH Network satellite is also free of charge.

DISH Network is presently offering free of charge DVR's and HD receivers.

If you are looking for additional information on what DISH Network has to offer you can follow the following link to go to see all of the packages offered and subscribe to DISH Network.

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